A Filipina migrant worker named April Jane Dadula, who was employed in Hong Kong, recently experienced a distressing incident that was captured on camera. In a Facebook live video where she was showcasing her belongings, April's female employer unexpectedly launched an attack on her, physically assaulting and strangling her.

This incident took place while April was awaiting her departure at the airport after resigning from her job. In a desperate attempt to escape, she cried out for help and tried to distance herself from her employer, but the aggressor relentlessly pursued her.

April's decision to leave her employment stemmed from the fear of being falsely accused of theft. Consequently, her employer was apprehended following the assault; however, she secured her release from detention by posting bail.

Presently, April finds refuge in a shelter as she awaits her scheduled flight back to the Philippines, where she intends to seek support and find solace in her home country.

Editor: Chell Broz