President Marcos launched the country's lung transplant program, a collaboration between the Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) and the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI). Established in 1981, both hospitals aim to address respiratory and kidney diseases. A fire in 1998 halted the LCP program, but efforts are ongoing to rebuild. The LCP is improving infrastructure with funds from the 2024 General Appropriations Act and private donations. Marcos pledged to rehabilitate the NKTI Annex damaged in the 1998 fire. He emphasized the significance of combating respiratory diseases, citing pneumonia and respiratory infections among top causes of mortality. Despite the end of the pandemic, these diseases persist. Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte pledged support for a lung donor registry. Marcos, joined by Sen. Sonny Angara and Mayor Belmonte, stressed the importance of collaborative healthcare efforts.

Editor: Bea Co