In light of the current context and discussions surrounding the establishment of a new department for OFWs in the Philippines, Advocate Susan Ople has strongly emphasized the criticality of ensuring that the leadership of this department is both qualified and non-politicized. To achieve this objective, she has proposed implementing a comprehensive talent search process to identify and recruit the most suitable candidates for key positions within the department.

In addition to seeking fresh talent, Ople highlights the importance of retaining existing personnel who have demonstrated their dedication and competence in serving OFWs. By recognizing and valuing their proven track record, the department can benefit from their valuable experience and expertise while ensuring a smooth transition into the new framework.

Ople's suggestion aligns with the goal of establishing an efficient and effective department that prioritizes the welfare and protection of OFWs. By emphasizing the need for qualified and non-politicized leadership, she intends to create an environment where decisions are made based on merit and where the interests of OFWs are at the forefront.

Ultimately, the success of the new department hinges on selecting individuals who possess the necessary qualifications, skills, and commitment to serve the needs of OFWs. Through a rigorous talent search process and the retention of competent personnel, the department can strive towards providing optimal support and assistance to Filipino workers abroad.


Editor: Jamiah Ibanez